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ARTHUR TRESS/ photographer


BERENICE ABBOTT/ photographer

Found a site online called the Old Photo Album ( ) today and some great old photos of New York City taken by photographer Berenice Abbott. Ms. Abbott was particularly known for her photos of the City and you can see why.

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     So, I want to know where Fred is and for that matter, who he is. Fred who? Why Fred With Tires of course. In the mid eighties, about 1984 I believe, Renowned photographer Herb Ritts created a series of photos sometimes called The Body Shop Series but more commonly referred to as simply Fred With Tires. Featured is a young, very buffed and very handsome man in greasy pants and shoes, no shirt and holding tires. The background is an auto repair shop. They are in black and white. Yep, that's it. But that simple set up turns out to be an iconic homoerotic collection of imagery that is many a gay boy's erotic wet dream. Boy, howdy!
      Here is an article by HerbRitts about the shoot:
     'Each time I did assignments or editorials, I realized that I wanted to do something more. I saw that it wasn't just about the clothes. Starting in 1984, I had an assignment for Franca [Sozzani], for a magazine called Per Lui, which was the counterpart of Lei. Lei was the most forward magazine in the early eighties, and it was because Franca was so great in encouraging everyone. I did a story called "The Body Shop", which is where Fred with Tires emerged from. Franca had sent these really hideous raincoats, and I just hated them. I had hired an editor, a freelance named Michael Roberts, who now works at the New Yorker. We ended up going to Western Costumes and getting vintage jeans and overalls. We decided to do the body shop story at a greasy gas station. It was great fun. We turned in the pictures, and Franca almost had a heart attack. But she ran it, and it was a huge success. I still don't know why it happened. It was just one of those honest pictures. I remember when we were shooting it. Poor Fred, who was a student, had to swing these heavy tires around, and at one point he was so tired he just turned around and stood there. It was the last frame of the shoot.' -- Herb Ritts
      But I have not been able to find anything out about Fred. I did run across one bit that said he was a mechanic working in a small desert town and Herb Ritts just happened across him. But the above bit tells us that was just a fantasy.  So where is he now? Did he go on to do anything else in the way of modeling? What is he up to? And most importantly.....are there any nudes of him around. I'd love to run them.
     Here for your enjoyment is the most famous of the series which I have posted before.
And while we're at it, a couple more from the series.

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Any Jake Gyllenhall fans out there? This is apparently in production with a projected May 2010 release date.


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GREG VAUGHAN/ photographer

ERIC SCHWABEL/ photographer

MICHAEL BRUS/ photographer



 Once he drew
With one long kiss my whole soul thro’
My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.
                    Alfred Tennyson

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FRANK YAMRUS/ photographer

BRUCE WEBER/ photographer

JOSE VILLARRUBIA/ photographer

CHICO BARROS/ photographer

I strive to give credit to all the photographers whose work I post here. Sometimes it is not possible. Since I glean these images from around the net, credit is not always included with the image. Many times I find images while searching for something totally unrelated, and after 45 minutes of being led down one path or another, I end up with several interesting things to include here, while often finding nothing related to the original search. But a fun ride none-the-less. And often I run across images I have already collected from another source without a reference,but with a reference included from the second source. This makes me very happy. And so today I wish to acknowledge the World Wildlife Fund campaign photos that I ran the other day as the work of Chico Barros. Here's another, a close up crop of one from the other day.

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LOVE GAME/ Lady Gaga

So, is Lady Gaga the new queen of disco or what! Her videos are great. Here's Love Game



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FINALLY/ Adam Joseph

Ode to marriage equality.

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          Back in October I said that I was reading Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. I am now reading a second book by him, Possible Side Effects. And I have also been doing a little digging about Mr. Burroughs. I have found that while reading his books, I am often asking the question: "Is this for real?" He tells his tale with a great wit and humor. And I am sure that is what makes such a harrowing tale palatable. I mean, I thought I grew up in a hugely dysfunctional home, with a mother that made Mommy Dearest seem like Bambi. But Augusten weaves a story that is truly scary. I was often left to wonder if he is telling the truth or his truth or if he is a pathological liar.
          In my digging around, I found quite a bit of press on a law suit that was brought against him by the Turcotte family, on whom the Finche family was based for Running With Scissors. They claim that he portrayed them falsely, was in fact libelous. His publisher eventually settled with the family and some stipulations were placed on future editions of the book; a disclaimer that his view of the events and theirs differed greatly, that it was a book and not a memoir.
          One source online claims that the difference between an autobiography and a memoir is that the autobiography tends to be fact-based, whereas a memoir is told from the emotions experienced. And I guess we all know how reliable emotions can or can not be. But I do know that, based on my own experience, the description of any event would be colored by the story teller. Relating the events of my childhood would be one story when told by me, but perhaps very different if told by my mother or my aunt or some other observer, taking into account the emotions that were experienced by the story teller. Mr. Burroughs tale may well have been altogether different if told by a researcher as opposed to one who lived or participated in it. And isn't each valid? Isn't "this is what my life was" equally as valid as "this is what my life felt like",  even though the stories may differ. As they say "Individual results may vary".

ROY BLAKEY/ photographer


LUKE SMALLEY/ photographer

Luke Smalley (b: 1955, d: 2009) was a United States photographer known for capturing boys in adolescence and as a talented art director famous for creating "playful images that explored the intersections between fashion and masculinity". His work, which pairs a coolly minimalist aesthetic with a retro nostalgia, centers around his tongue-in-cheek take on the journey for truth inside the lives of small town youth, especially athletic, all-American, young men. Many of the photographs are homoerotic, yet sexually ambivalent and never perverse. Images from his earlier collections were inspired by fitness manuals and yearbooks circa 1910. This is not surprising since Smalley graduated with a degree in sports medicine from Pepperdine University and worked for a number of years as a model and personal trainer. Smalley shot his the artistic portraits in his home state of Pennsylvania. He used real high school athletes as models, who engaged in unusual competitions reinvented by the photographer, who also designed and crafted some of the outfits and equipments.




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IPOD/ commercial

And while we're dumping on blondes....

MERCEDES BENZ/ commercial

Apologies to all the blondes.

HERBERT LIST/ photographer


SAM SCOTT SCHIAVO/ photographer


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A short video of police stopping bicycle riders for not wearing helmets. But it's not what you think.


Janet Jackson has a new video out that's pretty good. But the thing I really notice is how much she and late brother Michael look alike. Um, I'm just sayin.....

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We wake in each others arms
As we’ve been doing since you moved in
Your blue eyes open, close, open again
Then you kiss me, the first kiss of the day

Some mornings, I wake first
And I just lay there, looking at you
Even sound asleep, you’re beautiful
And I think, I’m one lucky guy

Then I decide to kiss you awake
Starting ever so gently on your forehead
Kissing downward, your closed eyes, your cheeks
And finally, I reach your luscious lips

Applying a little more pressure, I kiss you
Once, twice, three times and more
Awake, you start kissing me back
And with your kiss, the day begins


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A new rendition of a great old song. The video is kind of schmaltzy, but Carey's version of the song is quite good.

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An Arkansas 10-year-old says he won't pledge to the flag until gays and lesbians have equal rights. This is not your typical ten year old. He is extremely bright and well spoken. He trashes all the stereotypes about southerners.

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PAUL FREEMAN/ photographer