Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Binding/ Sandpaper Kisses

    I mentioned ADHD in my first post. Well, one way to describe that is that I do many, many things. Some I do well, some I do really well, some not so well. But I do'em. Book binding and Artist Books are a couple of  them.
    Last summer I put together a book of poetry and images titled Sandpaper Kisses; a book of men kissing men. Go figure! The whole project was gathered from the net. It started from a collection of images that I had stored on my computer, that I had collected from around the net. Nothing sexier that a man kissing another man, in my not so humble opinion, and I never tire seeing it.
    Now, I hang with the Radical Faeries, and our clan gathers twice a year in the mountains above Detroit, OR at a wonderful place, Breitenbush Hot Springs. At each gathering there is an auction to help provide scholarships to Faeries who cannot afford the rather hefty price of the gatherings. I decided to put together an artist book of the images I had collected, and donate it to the auction. I then went in search of poems about kissing, preferably authored by men and with non specific gender references as to the person being kissed. And voila, Sandpaper Kisses was born. (If we're being honest here, the name was borrowed from a group at Thanks, gang.) Here are some pics of the finished product. It is 65 pages and true bound in suede.

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