Tuesday, October 27, 2009


     So, you were expecting, according to the title of the blog, something profound, perhaps even earth shattering. And now you are perhaps disappointed by what you find. Why not thoughts about world hunger, or the wars we are in, or the state of the economy, or gay marriage, or hate crimes, or political corruption? Very important topics, all. And very little I can do about any of them, other than to stay informed, to vote. Nor do they cause me to lose much sleep at night. I leave the solutions for these issues to those with deeper pockets of intellect. My pockets contain only loose change in comparison. Sure I have opinions about those things. But I save them to bore my friends and housemates around the dinner table. There is already a plethora of minds all too willing to pontificate ad nauseam for us on a daily basis.
     No, these are not the things that get me out of bed in the morning, that cause me to want to continue each day into the next.  What I really want, and to a degree, expect from life is that each day be interesting. And if it is interesting there is a chance that it will be challenging as well. Maybe that is why the gods handed me ADHD; for with that 'gift' life is certainly never dull. And it is always a challenge to just keep up with myself. So, the presentations here are what keeps life interesting for me. A good song, a handsome photograph, a moving or silly poem or article, the accomplishments of my brothers and sisters, especially those who are gay, stupid YouTube videos, good looking men (and I know that is very subjective) and a daily kiss (my husband's job, and you won't find that one here), add spice to my days.  And best of all, it's always changing.

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