Sunday, December 13, 2009

CHICO BARROS/ photographer

I strive to give credit to all the photographers whose work I post here. Sometimes it is not possible. Since I glean these images from around the net, credit is not always included with the image. Many times I find images while searching for something totally unrelated, and after 45 minutes of being led down one path or another, I end up with several interesting things to include here, while often finding nothing related to the original search. But a fun ride none-the-less. And often I run across images I have already collected from another source without a reference,but with a reference included from the second source. This makes me very happy. And so today I wish to acknowledge the World Wildlife Fund campaign photos that I ran the other day as the work of Chico Barros. Here's another, a close up crop of one from the other day.

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