Monday, February 8, 2010


As I stated in my profile, I have serious ADHD and a whole list of interests to go with that. I have this blog, I've started a mystery novel, I'm a genealogist, I'm working on an archive project for a local AIDS non profit, I have an online business, I have a husband that I want to spend time with, I make and bind artist books, and I surf surf surf surf the net. But, unfortunately, one of the side effects of ADHD that almost anyone who suffers from it can attest, is difficulty focusing on any particular thing long enough to make any substantial progress. And sometimes the inability to even choose one thing to focus on, causes an ADHD traffic jam that is akin to gridlock. The last few weeks has been a lot of spinning wheels and grinding of gears, and absolutely no movement on anything. That's how it's been for me lately, hence the lack of posts to this blog recently. I'll attempt to remedy that now.

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