Thursday, May 26, 2011

PAT MILO / Photographer

I, like most other gay boys of a certain age, was first exposed to erotic pictures of men through fitness and bodybuilding mags and photos. Then, it was more about the images and the beautiful men in them. It still is. However, I now have an appreciation for the photographers who were behind the cameras and can appreciate the thinly veiled gay sensitivities of the lens men as well as the purveyors of the works. Pat Milo was one very well known weaver of fantasy who had his heyday from the 40's to about the 70's. And many of his models were equally well known. Here are: Charlie Day, Jim Stewart, Don Rackenby, Frank Bird and Tony Sabatino. Note the erection on Don Rackenby ( how could you fail to see it) which was extremely rare for the times and the genre.

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