Monday, December 31, 2012


Back in February, 2011 I did a couple of posts on David Vance. In my quest to find new photographers to post here, I find that I forget to revisit old friends to see what they are up to lately. While cruising around some blogs the other day I came across a stunning image by David (number three below) and decided to see what else he had I was not familiar with. Here are a few that  fit most of my criteria. They are in color, but what the hell. Number five below is not really a nude, but the model, Patrick Manos, is so hot, I had to include it. I could not find a personal or professional website for Patrick, but Google him and he pops up all over the place.

And while we're at it, where the hell have I been since August when I posted last? Well, for one thing, slugging through the first draft of a novel. At about 55,000 words in, I am half way through. Then of course, it's rewrite. The promo: A Benedictine monk and a Knight returning form the Crusade, once teenage lovers brutally torn apart, are reunited thirty years later. While slogging through the quagmire of their present relationship, they are drawn into a theft and two murders which need solving. That's where I've been.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Jacob Collier is an eighteen year old from the UK who has an amazing amount of talent. I so love these one-man-band clips. Ain't it amazin' what you can do with a 'puter these days? This is his cover of the Stevie Wonder mega hit Isn't She Wonderful.

Friday, August 17, 2012

AURELIO MONGE / photographer

Back on January 9 of this year, I featured Spanish photographer Aurelio Monge's work after a recommendation from a follower of this blog. He has a book out, Academics: Honoring Caravaggio with some great classical images. I featured a couple in January. Here are more from that book. The richness of the color and the complexity of the images is stunning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Take three siblings, two brothers and their sister (Ian, Eric and Brittany), add three friends (Elizabeth, Grant and Mike) and you have Delta Rae, a band from Durham, North Carolina. They have come out with this song called Chain on Love and it is in support of gay marriage. What ever you think of gay marriage, it is a good song. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Robert Colgan / photographer

     Way back in November, 2009 near the beginning of this blog (hard to believe it's been three years) I featured three photos by Rob Colgan. I love the background settings for those shots. That was also back in the day when I just posted the shots and nothing much if anything about the photographer. I'll make up for that now. Here is a quote from his website:
     Robert Colgan is a photographic artist from Columbus, Ohio. Born in Elyria, Ohio, he actually spent his formative years in Louisiana. This was the beginning of his interest in history, architecture and myth - all dynamic elements of his work. After returning to Ohio, he earned a Fine Arts Degree from the Ohio State University. Robert has been photographing for over 30 years and has exhibited throughout the Midwest. He received an Individual Artists' Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council in 1992.
     And here are several other examples of his work.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PAUL FREEMAN / photographer

     I really enjoy photographers who put as much thought and effort into the setting for the shot as they do the model. Erwin Olaf and Luigi y Luca are great examples. Australian photographer Paul Freeman is another. His themes and settings are really fine and interesting, as are his models who are good looking but not boringly so. He has put together several books of his work and today I will feature one called Heroics. Although the settings are not so emphasized in Heroics, the theme is, using minimal accessories to set the scene. In his other books and works, setting is as essential as the model. I like his work so much, that I ignored a pet peeve of mine, "discretely cropped images" which is so common among photographers of nude men. Torsos are lovely to look at, but so is the rest of a nude body. I plan to feature other of his books in the future.
     From his website: .....Paul Freeman grew up in Tasmania and moved to Sydney after finishing University........ He began his professional photographic career in the mid nineteen nineties when his  sensational and often controversial art nude portraits of sports stars and actors began appearing in the sophisticated photography publications Black And White, Sport and Blue, and continued to do so over the next decade.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PATRICK LENTZ / photographer

Patrick Lentz is a photographer working out of Boston and who studied fine art and illustration at the Art Institute in Boston. After school, he managed the studio for a Beacon Hill high-end wedding photographer until he decided to pursue his own career. His website has several great galleries to view and his blog lists books that he has compiled of his beautiful work. One such book caught my eye titled Vintage which is a collection of photos manipulated to look vintage. It is images from that book I have chosen to share here.