Monday, January 9, 2012

AURELIO MONGE / photographer

One of the fans of this blog has brought a Spanish photographer to my attention, one Aurelio Monge. (Thanks by the way) I looked him up. I think he's very good, in fact his series on classical and mythology themes is right up my alley. Good use of "costume" and props and set. As with many photographers, he has done his bit with San Sebastian, in fact a whole series devoted to this theme.  However, as you know, black and white photography is my passion, and here I was a bit disappointed. He has some rather nice b & w images, but not the same caliber as his color. So, I include here some of the classical and myth shots, with two in b & w and one from the San Sebastian series.. But check out his website to get a better range of his work and also Google his images to see some work not currently on his site.

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