Sunday, January 22, 2012

MARCOS ZIMMERMANN / photographer

Marcos Zimmermann was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1950. He studied cinema there at the National Institute of Cinematography's Experimental Centre. There is a more complete bio on his website. Zimmermann says this about his own work: "My work is the result of traveling thousands of miles across Argentina, with the sole aim of showing some features of our national identity, sometimes
hidden or other times lost. I want to record those presences to be found in hundreds of places within our country,which make us what we are, and will remain forever in the heart of one who who has seen them".

One his projects was a series of nudes of ordinary South American men. Remarkable in that he was able to convince these men to expose themselves to such vulnerability. Being poor and working men, they were compensated as an enticement to participate. Marcos has this to say about the men. "All the men photographed here are but one man. A man repeated a thousand-fold across South America. These photographs are a testimony and a portrait of the different faces of this Southamerican man, of his environment and of his way of life".

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