Monday, January 16, 2012

MARK JENKINS / photographer

Mark Jenkins is a San Franciso based fine arts photographer who has a real talent with male nudes. His website does not have much to say about the man himself (what is with this trend?), but on the page that features his new book, Watermark, there is this little bit about him.  

Watermark is the debut solo book from the San Francisco based, fine art photographer, Mark Jenkins. Like no other photographer, Mark Jenkins captures the male nude with a masterful play of light and shadow, aesthetic precision and clarity. The viewer is presented with a provocative experience that is born of muscular bodies and intimate sensuality. In Watermark, Jenkins uses water as a glistening medium for his new works of liquid illusion with stunning men of classic beauty, strength and intensity. He photographs classic nudes, which focus on the male athletic form: muscular bodies, powerful and enticing in elegant duotone photography. The images seem to follow an inner rhythm and exude an irresistible but subtle eroticism that is never intrusive. 

I especially like when he chooses to use minimalist costume or props to set a scene or create a fantasy of some kind.

Only three of these images are from the book, I think. Google it if you want to see some, but I chose these images asI felt they were far more interesting.

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