Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ZARO ROSSI by David Martin

Zaro Rossi was a body builder and photographer's model in the 1950's and was photographed most often by David Martin of San Francisco. Here is what one website had to say about him: Fire chiefs, college jocks, delivery men —somehow Dave Martin got them all to take their clothes of for his camera. A master of shadows and light, Dave posed Bay Area athletes and common men as classical characters. Martin and his work were featured extensively in the 1999 movie "Beefcake" which traced the lives of the male nude photographers of the mid-20th Century.

But when it came to finding info on Rossi, I pretty much came up blank. I find it hard to believe that this hunk was not popular enough to make a place for himself in the history of beefcake modeling. With those smoldering looks and bright smile, it is sad that there is not much to find on the man who was Zaro. One fan of a site that featured  some of Zaro's images claimed to have been a friend when they were in the Air Force and stationed in Florida in the 50's. He said that Zaro had lived in Phoenix, AZ until his death about two years ago at age 74.

He does appear to be a little guy, and I love small men, but there is nothing small about his physique. Thank goodness the photos remain to tell the story.


Frat said...

I love Zaro Rossi! He is one of my all time favorites!

Currently attempting to track down all of the vintage physique models that are still living to record their history before it's too late.

If any of you know of any former models still living please feel free to email me at:
Hollywood Happens @ gmail . com

Frat said...

Love Zaro Rossi! Currently tying to track down all the vintage physique models still living to record their history before it's too late. I need all of your help. Who do you know that's still around? Feel free to email me:

Hollywood Happens @ gmail . com


Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. Sorry to say I cannot help you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. Definitely one of the most breathtaking of the beefcake models of the 50s. The bod, those muscles, that face, and especially that smile.

Tom said...

Especially that smile.