Monday, February 6, 2012


A little something different for today. Today is Ramon Navarro's birthday. This stunningly handsome actor from the early 20th century was one of Hollywood's celebrated leading men and he was decidedly gay. He steadfastly refused to enter into a sham marriage that the studios would have preferred, but yet remained heavily conflicted around his strict Catholic upbringing and his homosexuality. He suffered from alcoholism. At the age of 68, he was brutally murdered by two Mormon brothers from Chicago, Tom and Paul Ferguson. Paul Ferguson was a street hustler and erstwhile beefcake model. It appears that Paul was also the brains of the outfit as he convinced brother Tom to take the fall for the murder. Tom agreed only to recant later. Both were convicted. Though sentenced to life in prison, they served only seven years for the crime and were paroled. Many ugly rumors about the circumstances of the murder spread rapidly at the time. Most were hard to prove. Little else is available about the killers.

At left are Tom and Paul at their trial.  The thing that really drew me to the story was that the two killers were Mormon. Their involvement in the murder, street hustling, beekcake porn are all such a departure from the life that would have been expected of them as followers of Mormon.

The rest of the pictures are of Paul Ferguson from a beefcake shoot by Kris of Chicago.

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