Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PAUL FREEMAN / photographer

     I really enjoy photographers who put as much thought and effort into the setting for the shot as they do the model. Erwin Olaf and Luigi y Luca are great examples. Australian photographer Paul Freeman is another. His themes and settings are really fine and interesting, as are his models who are good looking but not boringly so. He has put together several books of his work and today I will feature one called Heroics. Although the settings are not so emphasized in Heroics, the theme is, using minimal accessories to set the scene. In his other books and works, setting is as essential as the model. I like his work so much, that I ignored a pet peeve of mine, "discretely cropped images" which is so common among photographers of nude men. Torsos are lovely to look at, but so is the rest of a nude body. I plan to feature other of his books in the future.
     From his website: .....Paul Freeman grew up in Tasmania and moved to Sydney after finishing University........ He began his professional photographic career in the mid nineteen nineties when his  sensational and often controversial art nude portraits of sports stars and actors began appearing in the sophisticated photography publications Black And White, Sport and Blue, and continued to do so over the next decade.

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