Monday, December 31, 2012


Back in February, 2011 I did a couple of posts on David Vance. In my quest to find new photographers to post here, I find that I forget to revisit old friends to see what they are up to lately. While cruising around some blogs the other day I came across a stunning image by David (number three below) and decided to see what else he had I was not familiar with. Here are a few that  fit most of my criteria. They are in color, but what the hell. Number five below is not really a nude, but the model, Patrick Manos, is so hot, I had to include it. I could not find a personal or professional website for Patrick, but Google him and he pops up all over the place.

And while we're at it, where the hell have I been since August when I posted last? Well, for one thing, slugging through the first draft of a novel. At about 55,000 words in, I am half way through. Then of course, it's rewrite. The promo: A Benedictine monk and a Knight returning form the Crusade, once teenage lovers brutally torn apart, are reunited thirty years later. While slogging through the quagmire of their present relationship, they are drawn into a theft and two murders which need solving. That's where I've been.