Friday, January 11, 2013

KEVIN SLACK / photographer

So, I said one of the last posts that I was revisiting some photographers I have already featured here.  I ran across an image from Kevin Slack the other day and thought why not. When looking in the archive, imagine my surprise when I found he wasn't there. Meaning I have never featured him here. How can that be, you ask? I ask it, too. I will correct that grievous mistake here and now.

Kevin is a Canadian photographer in love with Cuba and photographing Cuban men. And he does it exceedingly well. He shot a series called The Seduction of Jorge Luis, and this series was featured in Beautiful Mag. There is an extensive interview in English in the Spanish Language Mag Burbujas De Deseo. Well worth the read.

So let's see the Seduction of Jorge Luis. I love his use of highly saturated color in this series, but not so highly saturated as to be distracting. It makes the skin tones of these amazingly handsome men luxurious. I am only posting thirteen images from this series. There are more. Perhaps another time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


One recurring theme, and a very popular one too, in the arts is the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian. Countless painters have produced works on this theme, and some photographers have as well. Here are a few examples. There are ten examples and here are the attributions: the first two are Aurelio Monge, number three is Cynthia Karalla, number four is David Vance, number five is Neel Bate, number six is Mapplethorpe, number seven is Davood Salek, number eight is Yukio Mishima (self portrait, I believe), number nine is from a Versace campaign, and number ten is by FrodoPrime. The work by Neel Bate was such a small image, I was not able to enlarge it much without it pixelating beyond acceptability. Sorry. Blogger really frustrates me sometimes. Couldn't get any of the links to color yellow. Arrrgh! Half the time it works and half the time it doesn't.

One more thing, if any of you out there have any recommendations for photographers I could feature here, let me know. Here is the criteria I generally use. Male nudes; black and white is highly preferable but not entirely necessary; interesting settings and or use of props; not particularly interested in porn values  (i.e. big dicks or erections or facial beauty although those things are nice); I prefer penises fully exposed rather than "artfully" covered unless, again exceptional in other qualities; non-sexual unless exceptional in some other way. I have nothing against porn, in fact I LOVE IT! But there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there dedicated to that and many of them do it very well. So, let's do something different here. So, I welcome your suggestions and if I agree with your choices, they made appear here one day. Thanks.