Monday, July 15, 2013

TOM CULLIS / photographer

Back in May, 2011 I posted a blog update offering lame excuses about not posting (you know, busy and all). At the end I posted one photo so y'all wouldn't feel cheated by a text-only post. The photo was by Tom Cullis. It was a nice photo, but completely devoid of the usual criteria for inclusion here except, of course, it was of a handsome man.

Tom Cullis is a southern California based fashion photographer who shoots celebrities, athletes, does headshots and portraits. His website doesn't give a lot of info about the artist, more about his methods and inspirations. So, at this point, all I can give you is the photos, ad they are pretty great. He seems to work mostly in color, but I make allowances. Great use of setting and props and the color saturation in blues is stunning.

The model is Adam Rexx. He wants to be a porn star and can be found on dudes nude, tumblr, facebook and instagram.




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